Pressure Washing

What We Do

Cash & Danny’s Nooks & Cranny’s is dedicated to meeting your deadlines with exceptional quality work. 

Pressure washing can remove molds & algae from your home or business, making those you care about safer. 

In addition your home or business will look better & be less likely to suffer from rot or decay thus avoiding unnecessary costly repairs.

Starting at $199*

House Washings for brick homes

When we say your property will be clean top to bottom we mean that literally in all senses.

Our team starts the cleaning all walls on your house from the crown trim all the way down to the foundation. 

We can also pressure wash gutters, detached buildings, decks, patios, sidewalks, & fences for a discounted rate when getting a house washing.

Our goal is to make your life easier & keep your space clean, safe, & functional.


Starting at $

Commercial Offices, Apartments, & More

We will pressure wash or soft wash your properties end to end whether they be large multi apartment complexes or office buildings. We have specialized long range gear that makes certain the top of your buildings are as clean as the bottom. We will ensure that all sidewalks, patios, decks, utility buildings, & fences are clean.   


Do you like things done in a certain way? We will listen to you in order to determine all of your cleaning goals. After we have listened to you we will create a custom checklist to make sure all of your cleaning goals are completed EVERY time.